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  1. HEY.... I found it. I have no idea what this setting was/is supposed to do. I'll go look it up in the manual at some point, but here's the answer. On the 5th page of the MOVIE settings, MOVIE SILENT CONTROL as ON. As soon as I changed that to OFF, everything came back... full control as I would expect. What is THAT about?!?!? Thx. JMW
  2. No matter what I select - it doesn't change anything.I've shot films with this camera. I've had it since 2018 and used it extensively. Of course, I configured it, personalized it and haven't really had to think about how the thing works since it always has done exactly what I expected and wanted. It wasn't until this FIRMWARE upgrade and MENU RESET. I have no idea which had the impact since I did them at the same time.... and didn't realize the problem until I was in the middle of a live event.The RESET got the WHITE BALANCE control back... which had all of a sudden quit responding. There was no upgrade or change that I'm aware of that created that problem.... but the fix for that (the WB is responding correctly now, when it wasn't) created a worse problem.HOW does one turn on AUTO-ISO if it's not on "A" on the dial?THX.
  3. I'm in the middle of a gig... and I reset the menu that fixed the camera so that WHITE BALANCE settings would work. (Before, it was in some sort of AUTO mode - after the menu RESET, looks and WB changes worked as expected.) After the firmware upgrade AND menu RESET.... no matter what I do, I can't get the ISO and Aperture to respond to manual settings. They're on full auto. Lens is not on AUTO. Can't find ANYTHING and I'm desperate. Help? In the middle of USING this camera for 3 days... so it's strange timing/process in addressing/researching. JMW
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