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  1. My X-S10 recently experienced the "TURN OFF THE CAMERA AND TURN ON AGAIN" coupled with jump in the image upon power up. I sent the camera in for service and when I got it back the repair ticket stated "top cover replaced". Unfortunately about half of the top cover dials and buttons did not work, so I sent it back a second time. After receiving it back after the second repair all of the buttons work but the eye sensor does not sense anything (yes I know how to change modes, etc). So, I know that it needs to go back again, but before I send it in I'm trying to check everything I can think of. One issue that briefly arose was some pretty severe lag using the evf, but that went away as I was cycling through different lenses and comparing to my XT-1. I'm not sure I have a question, but wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to be sure I get a fully functional camera. I have been complaining as politely as possible to Fuji and Adorama but short of hiring an attorney (which would cost more than the camera), I'm lost. I've been wondering if I should have shelled out a few more dollars to get the XT-4 which I bet is a more robust camera.
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