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  1. Got it. Really don't understand this, come on Fuji! But thanks for the help. Glad its not something I'm missing at least
  2. I mean the shutter speed not the ISO... I set my max ISO to 3200 or 6400 but I can't set the min. shutter speed higher than 1/500. Just seems odd, I can set it as high as I want on my Sony
  3. I like to set my min. shutter speed to 1/1000th of a second on my sony when shooting street in auto ISO. But it appears there is no option to go higher than 1/500th on my Fuji. This is quite perplexing to me. Obviously the camera is capable of higher shutter speeds. Why this limitation? Is there a way around this??
  4. Yeah I'm extremely puzzled why its been this long and they haven't updated the 18f2, 23f1.4, 35f1.4, and 56.
  5. So 18/19mm since we're talking crop sensor I mean. If 28mm is one of the most popular street photography focal lengths (Leica Q, Q2, Ricoh GR series, Fuji x70, etc), why haven't more lenses been created for this niche? Like, there doesn't seem to be a single lens out there to rival the Leica Q's fast 28mm. TTartisans, 7artisans, Mitakon, no one? No 18mm f.95, f1, f1.2? The closest thing is the rokinon 21mm f1.4, which comes out to about 31.5mm in full frame terms. I believe f1.4 would be equivalent to about f2 on full frame. Of course I'm not expecting this from fuji, nor anyone else to come with AF. Anyone else surprised by this though? Any thoughts? Am I overrating the 28mm focal length? Edit: also, what about weather sealing? is this too much to ask from a third party lens maker?
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I figured there had to be some reason I was missing. Very interesting what you said about there being an option with the X-H1 to set it to linear manual focus.. why isn't this an option with their other cameras? Why just that one? The 3 full rounds to get from shortest focus to infinity surprised me. I also own a Sony and yes.. af is pretty incredible with that system. I dream of trying the MF on a Leica... I'll have to check out that focus clutch you mentioned (thanks for stating which lenses have it) and see if I like using it. Sounds interesting. I agree that Fuji's roadmap is very head-scratching.
  7. Was really disappointed the x-e4 has no weather sealing. If It did it would be a no brainer for me. I hope with the x-pro4 they don't include IBIS honestly because I don't want the camera to become any bulkier. But I think it may have it. If the x-pro4 could be an x-pro3 but with a normal LCD screen I would be quite happy
  8. I don't understand. Can you not have an autofocus lens that also has linear focus? It seems like 99% of manual focus shooters would prefer actual manual focus. What's the deal? PS - Why hasn't fuji created a WR 18mm yet? It's one of the best street photography focal lengths and they don't seem to be paying much attention to it...For a company catering to the street community it seems odd not to have come out with a WR mark ii after all this time. Thoughts?
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