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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I don't use Terminal very often, so was unaware of this function. As it stands, I've already reformatted the card, so I don't think the missing files or old folder listings are still on the card. Should it happen again, I will use this method to try and find them. Thank for your help.
  2. Yes, for the most part that works with all the images on my card that it recognises. All the programmes I open the xs10 files in recognise the raw files are there, but just can't preview them or convert them. What I'm talking about is a whole series of images do not show up anywhere as being on the card, from one day to the next. All the previous raw and jpeg files are there, and can be seen and found, and imported ( if not converted ) The images that could not be seen by my mac or any software, where still to be seen when I previewed all the images in camera. They could not seen anywhere els
  3. I recently took a whole bunch of photos on the X-S10 and when I put the sd card ( Lexar premium series 64GB SDXC U1 10 ) in my iMac, they didn't show up on any programme that I tried to open them in, - Lightroom, Exposure X6, Luminar, Fuji Raw studio, Apple photos etc. BUT, they did show up on the camera. Oddly enough I was able to transfer the jpegs via wifi to my ipad pro using Fuji Cam Remote. Is this a common occurrence? I've heard something similar has happened with other Fuji cameras such as the XT-20. and x110V. My solution thus far, has been to reformat the SD card IN the camera and
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