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  1. DJI just released 2 new gimbals, and both are looking sexy. However, I am torn what to buy. With the increased payload of the RSC2, I don't seem to need the RS2 anymore, except of course if clearance is an issue... But there's just something about the RS2 that I just cannot ignore. Like the carbon fiber design. You have to admit, it's looking really good, especially with that red stripe. It's very light now that it's almost the same weight of the RSC2. Of course, you will have a larger clearance on the camera mount and a freedom to use heavier cameras and lenses in case you decide to change in the future. The touchscreen is also very nice as you can now use ActiveTrack directly from the gimbal. The OLED screen on the RSC2 just feels kind of out of date although I do understand and appreciate the gesture. But of course, the price is too far apart. Without considering payload and camera/lens clearance, is it worth it to get the RS2? or just stick with the RSC2?
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