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  1. Hi, when I record a video using the internal mic, the audio is so low, can barely hear it when I playback either in camera or computer. However, when I use an external camera, the audio is fine. The audio level in the camera is set to 4. Is there another setting that I missed? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have an X-T100 for a while now, got it used, and never tried doing a video with it except today. I read the manual and it's not recording any video. The manual says just to push the record button but when I do that, nothing happens on the camera. I tried pushing up to 10 seconds and it's not recording. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance
  3. I have an X-T4 and installed FUJIFILM X Webcam on a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with a docking station. When I plug the camera using USB directly on the laptop, it works. However, if I plug the camera into a USB port on the docking station, it wouldn't work. Is there some kind of setting to make it work using the docking station?
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