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  1. Yeah, Syborg, wouldn't you think? In view of the comments about Fuji cameras being quirky about this, I've been following Herco's advice above, with no issues. Can't complain about that solution. Thanks for you comment.
  2. Thanks, Greybeard and Herco! You're making me even more cautious!
  3. Hi, all. New to Fujifilm cameras, with an X-T3. The manual, in the "Inserting Memory Cards" section, warns that photos should only be erased in the camera, not on a computer. I want to delete hundreds of photos on my SD card to make room for new ones, (They're all loaded on my PC and backed up in 3 places, of course.) It would take forever to tag and delete them in camera, and seconds when it is connected to the PC via USB, which seems to work fine, as it does with other cameras. Does anyone delete batches of photos from their SD card in Windows, and have you had any issues after doin
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