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  1. No. Used SanDisk 300Mb/s 64gb. cards
  2. Same as you - XF 16-80 mm F4 R OIS WR . Firmware was 1.01 I think . Hoping Fuji Sweden will let me know why it 'died' when I get the camera back . Camera 'died' before I could update lens firmware. Same package offerings here in Denmark as 'Over there ' 🙂 in Sweden . / Lee
  3. 1) Just tried updating my nice new x-t4 to firmware 1.02 and now my camera is 'dead' !. Have tried leaving battery out for a few hours but that has not worked, . Have e-mailed Fuji and am waiting for their reply. Will also talk to shop where I purchased camera to see what they say. At the moment regretting my purchase . 😠 2) Received mail from Fuji Sweden , seems a nice helpful chap. Said to hand it into shop who can then send it off to Sweden for a 're-boot' and check. Delivered to camera shop where I purchased it and they will now send it to Fuji in Sweden. So fingers crossed all will be back to normal soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Used SanDisk 300Mb/s 64gb. cards As of today's date (14/07 ) camera still with Fuji Sweden being 're-booted' ( reminds me of my early days when I was a Computer Operator booting up a ICL 1900 series mainframe computer in the morning at work !!- showing my age there ! ) so cannot really add more info. Thank you all though for your comments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mailed Ib at fuji in Sweden to find out what is happening with my X-T4 and was told that they could not help but that I should contact seller in DK. to get any details. Was also informed that due to Corona virus fujifilm is short staffed and that it may take longer than the 'usual' 3-6 weeks !!!!. FIngers crossed I get it back (in perfect condition) by Christmas !! 😞 😞 . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update :- Received my X-t4 ( which 'died' after 5 weeks ) back from Fujifilm Nordic this week ( after being without it for 4 weeks ). Says " Repaired-Main Circuit" . I updated camera and lens with latest firmware ( via PC this time- last time via iphone ) without any problems so fingers crossed I will not have any more problems. 🤞🤞🤞📷📷📷 .
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