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  1. Hi, im using camera remote on iphone and had this issue with ios 14 and 15. my camera is an x-e3.u Camera remote connects just fine to the camera, i select all the photos that i wanna import. After clicking import it starts with the first photo and all good. Then it starts with the second one and it gets stuck midway. The blue circle showing progress just stops there. I left it run for 5,10,15 minutes and nothing. Some times it gets stuck on the first photo. i reinstalled cam remote, reinstalled ios and i cannot fix it. any ideas?
  2. Hi! For the past few years i have been using a macbook air and importing my photos using the card reader on the laptop. A few weeks ago i bought a Macbook Air 2020 which only has 2 USB-C ports. My thought was "Ok, no card reader but i can import via USB". My issue is: I connect the camera via USB and nothing happens in Photos App or Image Capture or in OS. I dont see anything detected. I tried pairing the 2 via bluetooth but nothing shows up on my Mac. I also tried with the wifi and after connecting to the camera wifi i dont know what to do. I downloaded all Fuji software on their website but i dont see any options there to import. Could you possibly help me? My workaround would be to import them to my iphone. Cheers
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