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  1. Hello, I have a recent Fuji XT3 (with firmware in 3.20 (lens 3.22)). When setting parameters in "Movie Mode", I always get the message "Cannot use S.S. slower than framerate". I find any reason and nobody discusses the point on Internet and in Fuji Manuals. My settings should be right. I set: MOVIE COMPRESSION on Long GOP MOVIE MODE on FHD 16:9, 25P, 50Mbps S.S on 50, F on 4.0 H.264 If a change MOVIE COMPRESSION on ALL-Intra, the message disappears in MOVIE MODE but, in that case, I cannot be lower that 200Mbps (the other options are greyed). Is it a bug in 3.20 revision? Please note that I need: MOVIE MODE with FHD16:9, 25P, 50 (or 100) Mbps, and MOVIE COMPRESSION with Long GOP without the "Cannot use S.S. slower than framerate" message. Could you please clarify and/or tell me when this "bug" could be fixed? Kind regards, Eric SAILLIEZ
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