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  1. Well this is quite the relief.... I found an old 2gb Kingston sd card laying around the house. It works!
  2. This SD card was originally formatted in a Pentax camera, but I since formatted it in my computer. The plan was to format it in the XT20 before I began shooting. I will try cleaning the slot with alcohol. This isn't a card error, but rather just a "memory card not found" message.
  3. I just received this camera in black for Christmas. I formatted my SD Card, which is a Sandisk 128 gb XC1 card. My camera tells me no memory card is inserted. The menu option to Format is grayed out. I tried formatting the card on my computer, which I could do in both NTFS and exFAT formats. Still, the camera can't read my card. Do you guys think this is a problem with the camera? Or should i buy a new card?
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