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  1. Extremely reliable UK local camera shop. Camera image quality is similar in both cameras but sound of pressing joystick and feel of command dials is different when compared side by side.
  2. Just over a year ago I purchased my first X-T2 and was very impressed with the build quality. Late last year I purchased an X-T20 and although a good camera the difference in build quality from the X-T2 regarding plastics and damping of buttons was noticeable. Two weeks ago I decided to upgrade my X-T20 to another X-T2 due to the price drop. I was very surprised to find that the build quality regarding the plastics and buttons was now more on a par with the X-T20. This camera is still labelled as made in Japan but seems now to be built more like the Fuji Chinese camera builds. Operating the two X-T2s side by side, I can definitely confirm this. Such a pity for a company that trades on quality products.
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