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    Just heard the news Af update coming in Jan 2020 ūüėē¬†so crap.. They should have have fixed this long time. This been so long since they released the 3.0. Fuji is sleeping!
    Everyone lets just do this
    At the end go to >>Contact Tokyo Headquarters and report this issue to them. Let them know how frustrated we are with this issue
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    Snow reacted to FromanZA in X-T3 Focus Hunting   
    With 18-55 lens, Ive had trouble focussing in low light to the point where the camera gives up. I can focus manually then switch back to autofocus change subject and then it wont focus again. I had to go back to Fuji to have the shutter button looked at (its sticky/unresponsive at times) and I tried a video in the Fuji office park and to my unsuprise the camera was doing a similar hunting thing. There does seem to be an improvement over FW3.0 as I didnt see hunting when zoomed out but when zooming in to 55mm the problem is still very much there. Settings were all much the same as before, all auto except aperture. See attached video. Yes, I was shooting through a car window which is not ideal but the camera clearly tries to over focus beyond the cars in the distance and when adjusting the aperture to around f14 the focus hunting dies out. Was on FW2.1 recently for a vacation and not a single bit of focus hunting. The 'improvements' in the FW3 versions I dont think is worth the upgrade from FW2. Camera is back again with Fuji so lets see what they say next!
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