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  1. Gordon, Thank you for the post! From what you described, I think you felt the way I feel now regarding using Capture One. Since writing the post you quoted, I actually bought Capture One for Fujifilm. But I keep putting off learning how to use it. To be honest... I'm intimidated by learning a new software (I'm an old guy kinda set in my ways) when I feel so comfortable using Lightroom. I bought Capture One when I was feeling motivated to learn the program. But I kept putting it off and now I just don't have the energy to dive in. But I don't want the money I spent on the program to go to
  2. Since I only shoot black and white, I'm considering sending my X-T2 to LDP LLC (maxmax.com) to have it converted to monochrome. But it's a $1600.00 investment, so I want to make sure of all the pros and cons and whether the new monochrome images from the X-T2 will be significantly better/worth the $1600. I love the look of the monochrome Leica cameras but can't afford the immense cost to buy one. So I'm hoping someone in Fujifilm-land has done this and can give me some insight into their experiences with their converted X-T2. Thank you for any responses and opinions.
  3. Well, it's been a while since I started this thread. In that time I purchased an X-H1. I should have done my research better. I'm sure the photos I've taken with my X-H1 are amazing... if I could only see/download them! While my X-T2 Fujifilm RAW files imported just fine into my Lightroom 6.14, I am completely unable to import my X-H1 RAW files into LR. After doing research (that I should have done before) I learned this is a common problem with LR 6.14 and only fixable by subscribing to Adobe's outrageously priced LR CC. Or I can purchase Capture One (Fujifilm version). I don't mind buying ne
  4. It's funny you should suggest that video. I actually watched an hour before I saw your post! Very enlightening!
  5. Thanks, Zababo! Your comments definitely are moving me in the direction of buying the XH1. I know the sensor and processor are the same between the XT2 and XH1, but have you noticed any difference in still image (RAW) quality?
  6. I've owned an XT2 for almost a year now. I bought it just after the XT3 came out because of the deep discounts. Now I see there are deep discounts on the X-H1. So I'm considering moving to the X-H1. I shoot exclusively black and white stills. I've been happy with the xt2, but really like the idea of stabilization on the XH1. So, if you've made the switch from the XT2 to the XH1, are you happy with the switch? Any regrets? Do you miss anything about the XT2? Has the stabilization feature lived up to the hype? Thanks!
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