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  1. Hello Jerry and thank you for the explanation ...I am not so sure that I understand...do you mean that then even at the highest settings the file size of 30 MB would be then the normal ? But My files with the highest settings are not more than 9 MB ....I will when a new doubt arise then direct my post to General Discussion section. Greetings JUlio
  2. Hello here a couple of pics from summer in the Southern Hemisphere...February... A coffe in an old cinema, now a big bookshop. Awareness ....
  3. maybe somebody with the same cmera can help me with this matter : why the maximun size of the photos is 9 MB ? Stil I enjoy to have it with me ALL the time. Making sweets of some kind and guards in action....
  4. Now a couple from today ...
  5. Hello forum people this is my first post . I have a X100 F and the little but big XF10 , I know it is not a specially loved camera but it has some punch ...Let me know what you think , if you consider the effort worth while. Greetings Julio ( photos below)
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