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  1. I have an X-E3 with the following lenses; XF 18-55 XC 50-230 SAMYANG F2.0/12mm Can anyone suggest / recommend a Ring Flash that will work work with this camera please?
  2. My X-E3 is a second hand body. How do I change the copyright data for future work to my name?
  3. The answer is to download Adobe RAW plugin 10.5 BUT Photoshop Elements only supports 9.2 so you need to buy Elements 2018.......It now works.
  4. Hi everyone, new to this forum and have just bought an X-E3 I am currently running Windows 10 - 64 Bit / Elements 15. I am trying to open RAW images from the X-E3 in Elements but it does not recognize the format. I have tried downloading Adobe's Camera plugin 10 which it says coverts the X-E3 RAW images for editing in Elememnts It seems to make no difference, I still can't open the RAW files. Anyone got any suggestions ?
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