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  1. Thanks for the comments. I think I'll keep the 14mm. So far I've used it for interior shots, with and without flash, and the f/2.8 has not been a major consideration. It is very sharp and the focal length is really great in the right situations. I still use the 23 f/1.4 most of the time, and the 50mm f/2 for close in portraits. I owned the 56mm and acknowledge it's a great performer, but I'm finding the 50mm a very versatile and fine performer in its own right. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll have a chance to try out the 16mm....
  2. Hi, in the last 5-6 years why work has been primarily social documentary. I bought the X Pro-2 about a year and a half ago for it's portability, lens availability / quality, high ISO performance, and overall build quality. Overall, I'm happy with my decision. Much of my work is shot in low light in the evening hours, so a large max aperture is important. The 23mm f/1.4 has been my main lens, I rarely take it off the camera. However, I sometimes find is too long (as for interiors) and sometimes a little too short (as for portraits). To solve these issues I bought the 14mm which I use primarily for people pictures inside buildings, and the 50mm f/2 for portraits. Both these lenses are great, and have served me very well. The problem is that my street kit is now quite cumbersome. It doesn't fit in my Ona Bowrey, and switching among three lenses is really not ideal. Finally, the question. I have not tried the 16mm 1.4, but have read stellar stuff about it. While wide, it's less wide that the 14mm and it's close focus distance makes it good for close up of details (hands, feet, face) which I do often. I'd like to hear from those who use the 16mm for reportage/documentary photography especially. The 1.4 is essential for my work, and I'm wondering if the 16mm could replace both the 14 and the 23. I know there is the 18mm f/2, but I have ready too many negative reviews about its performance and build quality. There are the zooms of course, but I'm reluctant to go this route both for the quality and the max aperture. Any insights from those who've had a similar dilemma would be very much appreciated. Luigi
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