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  1. Thanks The primes on Fuji X system do seem good (and cheaper that the Olympus pro primes / Panasonic Leica primes) While I think from a tech point of view the X-T3 would be the logical choice. I think the X-H1 would be a more enjoyable experience (having a G9 currently). Thanks
  2. unfortunately not exactly. I was looking for a similar feature, but where it would save focus preferences, eye detect being on / off. Metering mode, WB settings etc etc. I don't think it is something which can be done on the X-T or X-H series but looks possible on the new S10 Thanks
  3. Seems the X-T3 is in for a pretty big update to bring it up to almost an X-T4, have found a metal grip which you can get to bulk out te current grip. I've had a look through the manual but I might have missed it, but I can see/find anywhere where you can save custom settings. EG settings for portrait/street in one menu slot, settings for tracking continue focus etc etc, on my current G9 I have these settings save and the camera can just be changed to these preferences with a turn of a dial. Does Fuji have a similar thing, even if it is selecting them from a menu button?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at the X-T3, Although I'll need to see I there is a decent grip available for it. I had an X-E1 back in 2014, but ended up not keeping it for long as it didn't have a decent grip. Hence the X-S10 perked my interest again and then the X-H1 as it had been compared to the camera in some reviews online. AF shouldn't be much of an issue, I hardly ever shoot sports or fast moving objects. Birds now and again but not enough to be an issue.
  5. Hello, Looking at potentially moving away from M43 with it's uncertain future and the X-S10 recent announcement. So having looked at the X-S10 the only things It's missing from my point of view is dual card slots (I've had a card fail in the past) and weather sealing. So ended up looking at other Fuji cameras as well. So in the UK I get get the below options with along with the 18-55 and 55-200 X-S10 £1734 X-H1 £1567 X-T4 £2055 I prefer the X-H1 and X-T4 for the weather sealing and dual card slots, prefer the X-H1 for the Grip and top display( top display not a big need though). Is there going to be much real world difference between the X-H1 and the other just as it's the oldest. Getting the X-H1 does leave more money for lenses Flip out screen would be nice but have managed with the OMD E-M1 / GX7 with non flippy screens. Ideally it would be best to try the bodies out before hand but don't know how realistic that is going to be. So as a potential convert to Fuji does any one have any thoughts on the options (I have a budget of about £3K in total). Lastly enjoy all kinds of shooting predominately landscape though. Current kit I mainly us is the G9, 8-16 Leica, 12-60 Leica, 50-200 Leica, 100-400 Leica. Thanks!!
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