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There once was a time, not so long ago, that a Canon (or two) dangled from my neck everywhere I went. Then, my daughter came along, and I reevaluated my priorities, and I sold all my Canon cameras and red striped lenses, and I bought a minivan and a Nikon. The Nikon was great, but again, too much and too complicated for my needs at the time, so I sold it and the couple of lenses I had for it, and I bought a little Panasonic m43 mirrorless system and a small stack of lenses that made it complete. But, I could not find myself admiring the files that came off that little sensor, try as I might. Then, Canon finally announced the camera I was sure I had been waiting all my life for: the 5D Mark III. So, again, I sold all my stuff, and this time had to kick more money in, and bought the 5dm3. But, for some reason, I never really learned to like that camera. Instead it just seemed to be a series of disappointments. Maybe at least partly because I wasn't fond of it I grabbed a little tiny Canon EOS-M when they went on "fire sale" and absolutely fell in love :wub: with it. So much so in fact, that I let the 5dm3 go to a more caring home. After several years with that great camera I came to the realization that Canon, despite their insistence otherwise, was not going to really develop that system. I grabbed a Canon 7D, because it was cheap, and from that learned that I didn't like big, heavy cameras anymore. And so that is what led me to Fujifilm, a long and crooked road. Finally, a system with great native lens support (my biggest complaint against the Canon mirrorless system) and a light(ish) camera body with a sensor that performs admirably even at higher ISO's. And, thus, now you know and here I am.


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