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  1. What image is there on the display screen? You may need to consider an extension tube to achieve focus. When an object is significantly out of focus its outline will not be seen - even if the scope/camera is centred on it the screen will look blank. Have you checked whether the camera is lined up with the scope? Can you do this in the daylight using terrestrial objects? If I'm at a loss to find an object on my screen I will wait till the moon is out - that can't be missed!!
  2. This what you need https://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-kood-t2-mount-to-fuji-x-mount-adapter.htm
  3. Thanks for those comments, guys. I did think of buying the battery grip but didn't want to add weight and expense. I'm really surprised there is no mention by Fuji in any of its documents about this small plastic plug which, now, I find I can lift with a finger nail. I've used the dummy battery a few times in recent days. It's very useful to have a power source equivalent to 10/12 batteries! I don't think the battery door pinches the cable leading out of the dummy battery. The only reference I can find to using a dummy battery is in this link...https://www.fujix-forum.com/threads/fuji
  4. I'm wanting to use my new XT2 for meteor photography - taking a series of 20sec exposures over several hours at night. To ensure I don't have to keep replacing batteries throughout the night, I have bought an external power source which powers a dummy battery, replacing the original battery. My question relates to closure of the battery door. I have lifted the small plastic plug, with long nose pliers, which is attached to a rubber strip. The cable, leading from the dummy battery, fits through a round aperture in the plastic plug. The plug can then be pushed to one side, via the rubber
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