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  1. Yes. It appears that the older/thinner strap will fit, and the newer/thicker one will not. Although otherwise very helpful, the Peak Designs rep with whom I spoke did not offer the thinner strap, and I do not see it listed for sale on either their website or on Amazon. As it is, I am content using the circular clips to attach the strap.
  2. I am capable of doing this, and have attempted to do so on several occasions. The Anchor Connectors did fit my X-T2, but the eyelet in the X-T3 is too small to permit the anchor to slip through, with or without dental floss or the other aids that have been suggested.
  3. Once again, I am grateful for all of the advice. Perhaps my X-T3 is nonstandard in some form or fashion, but the anchor cord absolutely will not fit through the eyelet, despite having attempted the use of dental floss and the method offered by Pete1959 in his video. Further, the inner portion of the gasket is neither black nor removable -- at least without the exercise of force which I would prefer not to attempt. Instead, I am going to employ the method suggested by Terry B., with the round rather than triangular eyelets. Thanks again for all the help.
  4. Thanks again for all the help. I have looked at the lugs/eyelets again on the X-T3, and there do not appear to be black plastic pieces within. The Peak Design people were very helpful, but you are also correct that the thinner cords have been discontinued. It was suggested that I try to pull the cord through using dental floss, and I will make the effort. For the moment, I am just using the triangular metal clips that came with the camera.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I suspected as much, and have used the supplied metal clips. Again, they result in a bulkier attachment, with an additional "failure point," but probably not so much as would be presented by thinner cords. I would frankly prefer no strap at all, but as an inept old guy am simply not willing to take that risk.
  6. Same issue here with Lightroom and RAW imports.
  7. I am attempting to fit a Peak Design strap to my X-T3. However, it appears that the "anchor" cord is too thick to fit through the lugs/eyelets of the camera. I can make the attachment using the metal clips supplied with the camera body, but that configuration is a bit bulky as compared with directly attaching the strap to the eyelet. Has anyone encountered (and solved) this problem, or must I acquire another strap. Thanks for the help.
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