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  1. Thanks greybeard, that has cured it. The mystery is how did the setting get changed during a period of shooting when I didn't access the menu, weird. I purchased another SD card as suggested by others, so I guess I now have a spare. Once again, many thanks.
  2. Good idea but no, SD card formatted each day and tried swapping them over, no change. Also tried swapping the batteries (out of desperation).
  3. Fuji X-T3 during a long 4 day shoot (800 images), after 650 images I must have accidentaly changed something. The Indicator Lamp blinks green & orange after a shot and keeps doing this until I press the shutter again at which point everything is back to normal. As soon as I shoot again it goes back to blinking. If I don't press the shutter it will just keep blinking. Any idea what may have changed?
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