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Complete Overview over the available and upcoming Fuji X-Mount lenses


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Nice to hear!


Keep them coming soon the graph will become very crowded indeed!


Obviously Samyang-Rokinon are directly attacking Fuji offering a 21 ( to compete with the 23mm) and  a 50 ( to compete with the 56mm) both lenses are ( of course) in the same large aperture range.


Bokeh toujours Bokeh!


However, a reflection ( what a pun!) even if they would match the quality of Fuji glass or even slightly improve on it at that price point ( 21 $ 499  50 $ 549)   one has to wonder whether anyone would buy a NEW non autofocus lens without any electric communication with the camera ( and internal software correction because we know that “ official” glass receives camera “ treatments” even in raw)  instead of buying for just a little more a second hand 23 or a 56.

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Thank for your useful post!

I remembered about a few more chinese lenses that not mentioned in your list (perhaps intentionally):

KAXINDA 35mm 1:1.7

KAXINDA 50mm 1:2.4

Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

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@alexanpda: Thank You! I did not exclude those lenses intentionally, and I have added them now. And now that you mentioned them, I remember that I read about those on Fuji Rumors quite a while ago. Do you know anything else about them? It's hard to find any information, and I don't speak (nor can read) chinese.


@all: I've updated the OP. I have changed the labeling of the zoom lenses, and I have added the combination of lens+teleconverter for those three lenses that will support the Fujinon 1.4x TC. Do you like it the way it is now?

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Thank You! Added to the OP.

The magnification is calculated by me. Since it is a fixed focus lens, the lens cannot have focus breathing, and thus the calculation based on the focal lenght, close focus distance and sensor size should be quite accurate.

/edit: I know I don't need the sensor size for this calculation, but I had a field of view list for all lenses anyway and went from there.


Focus breathing is the reason I don't dare to calculate the magnification for the other lenses, because it might be quite off. For example, the close focus distances for the Fujinon primes, real & calculated:


XF 14mm F2.8 R : 1:8,33 vs. 1:11,86

XF 16mm F1.4 R WR : 1:4,76 vs. 1:8,38

XF 18mm F2.0 R : 1:7 vs. 1:9

XF 23mm 1.4 R : 1:10 vs. 1:11,17

XF 27mm F2.8 : 1:10 vs. 1:11,59

XF 35mm F1.4 R : 1:5,88 vs. 1:7

XF 56mm F1.2 R : 1:11,11 vs. 1:11,5

XF 60mm F2.4 R Makro : 1:2 vs. 1:3,5

XF 90mm F2.0 R LM WR : 1:5 vs. 1:5,66


Especially the shorter focal lenghts must "breathe" substantially.

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  • 4 weeks later...

- added teleconverter compatibility hint where it applies

- added lens specs and release date for the XF 35 2.0

- split the lensbaby composer and its drop in lenses

- added lensbaby composer II

- added lensbaby edge 50

- changed the state of the Samyang 21 f/1.4 & 50 f/1.2 to "released" and added first reviews

- updated the chart



Took longer than I thought, but here it is!

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  • 2 weeks later...

- changed the state of the XF 35 2.0 to "released"

- added some reviews to the XF 35 2.0

- updated the chart

- cleaned up some formatting problems and broken links



Since the XF 35mm F2.0 R WR is already being shipped, I've marked it as released, despite Fujifilm having announced it for December 31st.

Is it ok to multipost in this thread?

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another one will join in summer 2016: Meyer Optik Görlitz announces Trimagon 95mm F2.6  - http://www.fujirumors.com/meyer-optik-gorlitz-announces-trimagon-95mm-f2-6-lens-also-for-fuji-x-mount/


Technical specifications:
Aperture & Focal Length: f/2,6-22; 95 mm
Lens construction: 3 elements in 3 modules
Picture angle: 25 °
Filter Diameter: 52 mm

Lens construction in classical triplet | 3 lenses / 3 groups
Iris diaphragm with 15 specially constructed aperture blades and special anti-reflective coating
Mounts: Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, SonyE, MFT, M42 and Leica M
Available from early summer 2016

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- added the Meyer Optik Görlitz Trimagon F2,6 95 MM to the list and chart
- changed the font colors in the chart to match the markers

- changed the status of the MOG Nocturnus F0,95 35 MM to "unreleased"

Thank You Patrick, I've added it to the list. I also checked the Meyer Optik Görlitz lineup and saw that the Nocturnus has a new look and is "for preorder" now. On the product page, the old lens body (the Zhongyi Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 - look-alike) still can be seen in the background and in smaller images, like the one that has been for sale in german onlinestores already. However, I've decided to list the lens as "unreleased" for now. I will change the status of those lenses as soon as MOG themselves say they are "available".

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The nocturnus indeed changed design. But it's basically still unavailable. I've used slidoo to quickly search ebay worldwide, and here is the result: https://www.slidoo.com/slider/search/keyword/Nocturnus%20Fuji/country/US/minPrice/0/maxPrice/42500/locationId/2/auctionMethodId/2/conditionId/2/


So I agree, it's better to keep it unreleased for now.

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  • 4 weeks later...

HandeVision : 24/F2.4 – 35/F2.4 – 50/F2.4 – 75/F2.4 – 90/F2.4 

It looks like anyone who has a production line based on excreting overpriced manual focus lenses is jumping on the bandwagon of simply putting a Fuji bayonet on their otherwise non autofocus and non automatic, not communicating with the camera lenses which have been given a rejuvenation treatment. German Engineering ( read “ but made in China”) at its best.
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Thank You! Have added them to list & chart.


However, I'm not sure if 6/6, 5/5 or even 4/4 (although you need less lenses for longer focal lenghts) is enough to be corrected good enough for a digital camera. At least they are built for full frame, that might help on Fujifilm cameras.

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X-mount lens: Zonlai 25mmF1.8


Review: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fkeh.vn%2Fblog%2F151%2Ftest-ong-kinh-zonlai-discover-25f1-8%2F&edit-text=


The Specs I could find so far:

Focal Length: 25mm
Aperture Range: F1.8-16
Focusing Range: 18cm-Infinite
Dimensions: Ф60mm X 33mm
Weight: 142g
Materials: Multi-coated Optical Glass / Metal body


You can find it on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191757143948?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D191757143948%26_rdc%3D1

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I found an error on the chart. The Zonlai lens is a 25mm f1.8 and the Modula Optical lens is{will be} a 33mm f2. You have them backwards. Not a big deal but I am looking forward to the Modula lens, very interesting indeed.


For those who don't know anything about this lens - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modulaoptical/cm33-compact-manual-focus-lens-for-mirrorless-with

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