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Complete Overview over the available and upcoming Fuji X-Mount lenses


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Hey quincy

First off... in the name of the entire Fujifilm X community, thanks so much for keeping the list updated. You are doing a huge service completely for free to all of us. I always link to your list on FujiRumors.com, too :)

And second, we have a welcome addition... a new tilt shift lens

Lensbaby Sol 45 f/3.5 Tilt-Shift Lens for Fuji X Cameras Available: https://www.fujirumors.com/lensbaby-sol-45-f-3-5-tilt-shift-lens-for-fuji-x-cameras-available/

Also, I noticed that Samyang made some changes to their website, hence it seems the link to the Samyang tilt shift lens does not work anymore. Here is the updated one:

thanks again for all you do for the community :)

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I've added the neewer and lensbaby lenses and removed Meyer Optik Görlitz completely due to the Net SE bankruptcy. I'll add them again if they find a way to deliver what has already been paid and was promised to their (kickstarter) customers and stay alive as a company.

The Samyang 85 will follow when it is released.


By the way, something is wrong with the upload function. My (new) lens chart needs ~ 228 kB, but i get an error message that i'm not allowed to upload more than 512 kB.

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It seems like this thread is basically dormant, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on along the same ends.

I started documenting the lenses that are (or were) available for the Fuji X system in a spreadsheet. I began this just to try to help myself keep all of the various options straight, but I realize that it might be interesting to some of you as well.

Fuji X lenses (Google Sheets)

It remains very much a work in progress, but I think it's complete enough to share at this point. As of today it includes 190 "stills" lenses. There is a second sheet that contains another 19 "cine"  lenses, but this is much less of a comprehensive list — I frankly don't have a lot of interest in these lenses.

I've tried to consolidate the various Chinese lenses as much as I can so that a lens that is sold under multiple brands (e.g. Zonlai, Meike, Kaxinda, Jaray, Hengyijia, etc.) is listed only once.  But with the incomplete (and sometimes incorrect) information in listings for these lenses, this is  a bit of an inexact science.

If anyone is aware of lenses that are missing from this list, or if anyone has feedback on how to make this resource more useful, please let me know.

- K

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    • I'm surprised as well - I have that lens currently on the X-H2S and there is no obvious play.
    • Hi GO I am comparing it to all my FujiFilm bodies and the other marque in my (as my beloved would put it) 'too many cameras' fleet. Ken stated that the IQ was 'muddy' compared to the X-T4 and having tested it alongside my X-T4 and X-S10 (and for fairness sake my X-H1 and X-T3) I can find absolutely no difference in IQ between the newest bodies (X-T4/X-S10) which are marginally better than the older ones (X-T3/X-H1/X-Pro2) if you really start down the IQ pixel-peeping route. Its not a route I go down. I have been more than happy with the IQ of the X-T4 and X-S10 but the subject aquisition and focus success rate of the X-H2S takes it to a different level above both of those super cameras and that is/was the rationale for buying it. As well as the phenominal speed and buffering and stacked sensor. That's on the FujiFilm 'compared to what' side. If I then compare the X-H2S with my Sony A7 iv (my only full frame camera) I would say that the Sony is marginally better on focus speed, tracking and (pixel peeping) detail but, as I have more FujiFilm lenses and prefer the tactile feel of the Fuji's over the more clinical Sony, I am more than satisfied with the X-H2S. Each to their own! His point that the IQ was no better or worse than previous much less expensive models was an irrelevance to me as I wasn't after a quantum leap in IQ (I am more than satisfied), I just wanted a much better focus and aquisition rate which I now have with the cracking X-H2S. I like Ken and his thoughts on FujiFilm lenses just about mirror mine though I confess to not owning/using as many as him. But of those that I do own, they feature in his 'top-5'. I even prefer my 16-80mm over the bag of primes 16-55mm! Whilst I do find his reviews very refreshing and interesting/different, I find Maarten Heilbronn, Andy Mumford and the Hybrid Shooter offer a more balanced viewpoint coupled with actual photo examples which I,  as a simple retired soldier, can relate to and form an opinion/judgement on. Unless I have missed them, I cannot recall ever seeing any actual examples taken by Ken to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, the contentious and (sometimes) contemptious and dismissive views he holds. Again whilst I respect his views, I reserve the right to disagree with them and in the case of the FujiFilm X-H2S, I clearly do! I hope that answers your point on the 'compared to what'. Kind regards Pat    
    • Hi Patr, I'm sure its a cracking camera but as Ken would say "Compared to what?' That what he claimed, the image was no better or worse than previous much less expensive models.          Regards, GO  
    • I found this forum in a link from another Fuji forum so I'm glad to be here.  Regarding Ken, he's a strong, unique personality and part of his identity is to rattle the pots and pans. He's a quirky, intelligent person who has opinions, like we all do. His presentation can be extremely off putting, but he's worth listening to when deciding on a new Fuji.  I agree with others here who say it's best to rent a new camera if possible, and compare to one's own knowledge base and shooting preferences. 
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