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    • By Herco
      Let me first introduce myself. 57 years and amateur photographer since the age of 12, although with intervals. My passion lies with portrait, fashion, street and urban landscape. All stills photography, almost no video.
      I started with an Olympus OM1 (which I still have and occasionally use) but have been around the block: from Olympus to Nikon to Pentax to Minolta to Canon and Leica. I took a few years off of photography, until someone lend me his X-Pro1 for a day. It reminded me of my M6 and M8. The X-Pro1 was far from perfect. However the camera grew on me and the image quality was so beautiful that it kept me wanting to shoot more.
      When the X-Pro2 came along I immediately upgraded and after a year or so I added an X-T2, which later on I swapped for an X-H1. The X-H1 is a bit big for Fuji standards, but after the EOS 5D its a breeze. In the meanwhile I own 9 XF lenses. Mostly primes, but also the 16-55 (hence the X-H1 for its IBIS). 90mm is the longest focal length I need (and have).
      For me the X-H1 also marks the transition point of Fujifilm. From this point onwards Fuji started to lose me. Let me explain.
      First of all next to the X-T10/20/30 Fuji launched the X-T100/200 line rendering the beautiful X-E line redundant and from what I hear, repealed soon. I understand the commercial viability of video capabilities and a DSLR-style over a rangefinder-style, but speaking of crowded market segments...
      Next to that Fuji launched the X-T3 only a few months after introducing the X-H1. I would have understood this if the hybrid X-H1 had the 26Mp sensor soon followed by the X-T3 with a similar sensor. But cannibalizing a flagship model within half a year or so, dramatically drop its price and discard of any meaningful firmware update for more than 1.5 years, is an insult to buyers. That kind of corporate behaviour is what we previously accused Nikon, Canon and Sony for, but they’ve bettered their lifes. 
      It seems that history is repeating itself with the new X-T4 versus the X-T3. In a few years Fuji went from “video as an after-thougth” to “video-first”. There’s little progress in the X-T4 when it comes to stills. You could even say some degress: the fully articulating screen is not for stills photographers. Occasionally ‘killing your darlings’ is part of progress, but this almost feels like leaving a group of customers behind.
      In the meanwhile Fuji also launched the X-Pro3. I can dig dropping the d-pad and the reversed tilted screen. The titanium top- and bottom plates are a nice touch, but add little to the quality of the camera. What I can’t understand is getting rid of the dual magnification for the OVF. That renders any lens wider than 23mm or longer than 50mm useless in combination with the OVF, which is the main attraction of the X-Pro3. Leica already understood this decades ago...
      Probably Fuji’s best matured camera is the X100V. The style, new lens and tilted screen has defined today’s ultimate street camera. In fact I even consider swapping my beloved X-Pro2 for an X100V. The X100V shows that clearly defining a product line and improve and innovate on a regular basis is a better strategy than creating new and mixing existing product lines. It also makes it easier to maintain a stable pricing strategy.
      My hope is now on the X-H2 to restore ratio in Fuji’s product line-up and break with the recent ‘video-first’ mantra. However, considering the X-H was meant to be the hybrid stills/video camera, I fear the worst. I guess I’m part of a dying breed but Fuji please don’t make me want to buy an A7R...
    • By shaby
      I own th XT-1.
      After searched for opinions and "way of mind" all over - I want to advice with the FUJI'S.
      I am A photography is A hobby for me.
      I like taking shots at streets - people And , situations happen at street , interesting buildings , abandoned buildings.

      At the moment I using the XF-18-55.
      So thinking of buying A wide-angle short lenses

      And want to advice with you which is the best suits me.
      35? 23? ..... or any other else?
      If possible - offering option A and B.
      Thank you very much! 
    • By Dwain
      Hello Everyone,
      My name is Dwain and I'm new to this forum and to Fujifilm cameras but not to their film.  I'm a former Canon shooter (not professional).   I've decided to keep my Canon 6D, the 24-105 F4 and the 100 F2.8 macro lenses just in case.  I delved into large format (Chamonix 4x5) for a short time, shooting primarily Acros developed in Rollo Pyro.  My interests tend to lean towards landscape, architectural, environmental portraiture and night photography but lately, I've been itching to try street and event photography. 
      I recently placed an order for the X-T3 and the Fujinon XF18-55 F2.8-4 lens to get use to the system and a good place to start.  Not sure which other lenses to consider at this early stage.  I did look at the Poll here regarding the most used Fuji lenses and two of the focal lengths I've been considering (23 1.4 and 35 1.4) seem to be the most popular despite these being older designs.  The XF 16 1.4 also looks interesting. 
      Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself. 
      Feedback and suggestions welcome.
    • By jlmphotos
      Well my friends I went and done it!
      Some of you guys who have been here a while may recall my daughter "borrowed" my X-T1 and my "don't leave home without it lens" the Fuji 18-55.  For the last several months I've been photographing using my primes only -- the fabulous 16 f1.4, the 23 1.4, 35 1.4, and 60 2.4 plus the 55-200 zoom.  And I loved doing that.  I've truly enjoyed making images as I have to be slower, and more thoughtful in the process plus, let's face reality, the primes will always beat a zoom with regards to sharpness, and micro-contrast among other things.
      However, the 18-55 is a lens I cannot live without!  I love it.  There I said it.  If I loved it any more I'd have to name it and provide it it's own ss number for tax purposes.  
      I do plan on continuing to use primes for most of my images as I really enjoyed using them and have weened myself off the zoom, but I will feel much better knowing my 18-55 is back in my bag just in case I need it!
      To be completely honest:  I looked at the 16-55 2.8.  Many of you who "know me" know that I've said I would never purchase this lens, and it's brother the 50-140 2.8 due to 1) the weight  and 2) price.  I looked at the 16-55 2.8, i thought about it, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase this heavy, and expensive lens when for a quarter of the price my 18-55 works wonders, is super tack sharp, and has provided me with YEARS of use -- my original 18-55 was the kit lens that came on my Fuji X-E1 I purchased back in February 2013!
      This image below is one of over 16,000 images I have taken in various locations ranging from Key West, to Prince Edward Island in Northern Canada between mid-July, and early November.  I believe I "lost" the 18-55 to my daughter when I returned from the Keys and was prepping to head north -- this image was in fact taken with the 18-55 lens.
      So, I'm now whole again and I couldn't be happier knowing it's there in case I need it.
      PS:  Here in the Classifieds I'm offering for sale my Zeiss/Touit 12mm F2.8 lens.  Check it out if you are in the market for a wide-angle for your Fuji!

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    • By jlmphotos
      So my daughter, who already has taken ownership of some of my Nikon gear, has fallen in love with my X-T1 and my beloved 18-55 lens!
      She's been home from school for three months and returns next week for her final semester.  She has started a "new teachers blog" and has been using my X-T1 with the 18-55 to film it.  Now, she wants to take the X-T1 and the 18-55 back with her.  I don't care about the X-T1, but it's gonna hurt real bad not having the lens.  As many of you know, that's my "don't leave home without it lens".  
      I'm very torn up.  Initially I gave her, yes, gave her the X-T1 and the 23mm 1.4 as the 23 is not a lens I use often but every time I came home she had the 18-55 on there.  I have a  feeling I'm going to lose it.
      So, it looks that I'll be a prime shooter for at least six months -- Except for my 55-200, all my lower range lenses are primes.   I'm very, very nervous about not having that lens in the bag.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone out with the sole intention of shooting with the primes, have gotten so frustrated and fed up and just switched over to the 18-55 and was as happy as a pig in sh*t.
      Lordy Lordy....
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    • I’ve discovered that on shutter speeds 1/60 or slower I get random white pixels. If I go to 1 second or longer there can be hundreds if zoomed to 100% or 200%. Most noticeable in shadow/dark areas but also appear elsewhere.    Sensor issue? Hot pixels? Thinking about sending to Fuji Repair.    Attached the following photo for reference Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
    • Does anyone have any information about the firmware upgrade on the xt3 working with the Ronin MX gimbal?
    • I just purchased an X-T3 (yay!) to replace my dated X-Pro 1 and apparently get a free copy of Luminar as a result of a rebate someone is offering. Before Adobe went subscription I used Lightroom, and after (which has mostly been a period of photographic inactivity) I went back to using ACDSee, which I had also used before Lightroom. I'll obviously take a free copy, especially since it's apparently a lifetime license, but I try to be minimalist in my software and use as few programs for a given p
    • I am interested in testing the GFX-100 for film negative capture and was wondering if anyone else has been doing this. I have done an extensive amount of film capture with Sony A7r II and IV cameras, including one large museum exhibition from 1960s medium format B&W negatives. I have also captured many vintage Kodachrome and other slide films with the same cameras. Another camera that works very well for film negative capture is the Canon 50 MP 5Ds R, whose low pass filter can be disabled.
    • You have to setup "Shoot without lens" to "yes".
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