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Hello everyone.

I have some challenges concerning he size of the photos I take: no matter what I do, most photos will be under 1MB, some around 1.2-1.4MB. But that seems quite small compared to what I think it should be. Any iPhone shoots bigger!

No matter the camera settings the size does not get much greater. Never had a problem like this before.

Should the jpeg size not be substantial bigger than 1MB on a Fuji X-T2?

Camera: X T2 with basic settings as follows: CC film, size 3:2, quality fine, etc.

I've tried many different setting, does not change much. Tried different cards in both slots, problem still same.

Does any one have an idea what the problem might be and if yes, how to solve it?

Many thanks in adavance,


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    • By Thubten
      I have used cameras for a long time, none of them weather sealed, without any damage from water or dust.In fact I don't recall it even being an issue.But now I am deciding between an xt2 and xt20 ,mainly on this basis and the $700 price difference.I will never be out in the rain with this gear, but it will be exposed to ordinary dust, and perhaps high tropical humidity.I am leaning towards the xt20.This has perhaps been covered before, but I can't find a search function.
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      Hello everybody,
      Recently I have changed my 23mm f/2 for an 18mm f/2 Fujinon lens. After I toke a few images inside the house, I have discovered during editing (Capture One) the pixel size is different.
      I have seen dark (the cropped out area) lines on both side of the image I have took. First I thought I have applied my own presets by accident but after resetting the RAW file looked bigger than 6000x4000 pixels.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. This is the one I have seen within the EVF and also the original is 6000x4000 pixels, but this below is the one I took the cropping out from it and it became a 6187x4000 pixels image

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. I have tested with other lenses, such as 14, 23, 35, 56 and 55-140 too but I cannot replicate the same thing with any other lenses.
      Do you have any ideas why my X-T2 does this with this specific lens?
      Thank you so much
    • By Sapphire73
      I want to purchase a lens to expand the reach of my Fuji kit without adding a lot of weight to what I carry when traveling. I am looking at the 18-135 mm lens or 55-200 mm lens. Or I may put this off and wait for some new lens from Fuji.
      I currently have the Fuji X-T2 camera body and these lenses:
      18-55 mm f/2.8-4 kit lens
      35 mm f/2 lens
      10-24 mm f/4 wide angle lens
      I have read mixed reviews of the 18-135 mm lens, especially when paired with the X-T2. The advantage of getting the 18-135 lens would be the freedom to take this lens with either the wide angle or 35 mm for a lighter travel kit. If I buy the 55-200mm, I might end up carrying the 18-55, 55-200 and the wide angle lens (since I like to shoot landscapes).
      I am used to using a Canon camera with a variety of lenses. I have the Canon 70D and 4ti camera bodies with an array of lenses. The lenses I tend to use most often are:
      18-135 mm STM
      10-18 mm  or 10-22 mm
      28 mm
      But when I want to photograph wildlife or BIF - or isolate elements of a landscape - I like using my 70-300mm lens or the newer Tamron 18-270 mm lens.
      I am going to be traveling in Europe for several weeks and part of that time will be on a river cruise where I need to carry whatever photography gear I want to use in port. My current solution has been to take the Fuji and one of the Canon cameras, keeping a lens with longer reach on the Canon.

      Any suggestions from people who have used the 18-135 mm and/or 55-200 mm lens?

      Thank you in advance!
      (I should perhaps add that I shoot RAW and jpg, so I am willing to do some post processing on the Fuji images but haven't felt the need to do much with the jpg files yet.)
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      Lighthouse Point Park
      New Haven, Connecticut
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      Loads Raf files and has a terrific Zone edit set. 
      I've been shooting for more than 30 years. I'm a recent X-T2 fan boy, coming from Nikon full frame cameras. The Fuji is interesting, and has sparked me again.
      The video coming off it is incredible straight off camera. Lovely skin tones from ProNg and Astia. Thanks Fuji.
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