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16-80 f/4


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Lens arrived about an hour ago.  It needed a firmware upgrade to 1.02 from 1.0.  It is very well-built, and the aperture and zoom rings work smoothly but are not overly loose.  It is much less bulky and heavy than I expected, and will make an excellent choice for hiking and other outings.

Here are some quick shots.




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1 hour ago, ullmandds said:

I've been reading nothing but issues with focusing with this lens?  Which has caused me to hold off for now?

So far, no problem for me.  Hopefully we can get out later today for a Nature outing, and I can do some testing of the lens in real-life situations.

Perhaps the firmware upgrade to 1.02 solved the focusing issues?

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Sometimes  the Internet echo chamber drives me crazy. I’ve had this lens for about two weeks, tested it against my other Fuji lenses and I’m very happy with it. But it gets bashed by many who have never even used it or owned it. 

It’s  relatively small and lightweight considering  its 5:1 zoom range, has excellent build quality and a very versatile and useful zoom range. Very fun to shoot with  

It’s  very sharp in the center 1/3rd  at all focal lengths, corners sharp between 18 and 70mm, slightly less sharp in the corners at 16 and 80mm. I think this is excellent results for a lens of this type. 

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David, the first thing I tell my guests when I do classes, it's not to trust what they read on the net. It's plenty of bullshit.
Internet is maybe the most democratic tool, however the other side of the medal it's it allows people who don't have any clue to have their mouths speak. Or better, their fingers write.
Also. Not two lenses are the same, having the chance to do it, it's always good to try at least two samples of the lens one wants to buy.
Having said so and keeping in mind all the variations happening when you post a pic online, that seems to be a pretty good lens.

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Sample-to-sample variation has probably always existed in camera lenses, but, it’s much more obvious now that so many people are pixel peeping their images at 100 or 200 percent. It’s good to know the ultimate capabilities of your lenses, but sharpness is just one facet of imagine quality and image quality is just one facet of a good photograph. So, overly obsessing about sharpness distracts from the ultimate goal of creating a great image. 

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