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    • Hi, I am very new in Fuji, Fuji X100 V is my first Fuji camera. Before this camera I used Nikon DSL (D750 a 35 MM sensor camera). On my first day out with this camera, I used RAW and JPEG Normal. For JPEG I used Vivid as I love high saturation. The problem is during low light condition. I set Auto ISO upto 3200. At 3200 I am getting lots of noise which contradicts what the camera manufacturer claims for this camera. Is  this normal, or there is some issue with my camera?  Also I need recommendation, specially for doing street photography. Should I use RAW or JPEG? If JPEG then can you please suggest any specific Film Recopies applicable for Street? Should I use  Fuji X RAW Studio or continue doing my editing in PS CC?  Regards, Gourab
    • Does anyone know how to create a similar feel/ colours on video with a X-T3?  Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQwJzrgHlaD/     
    • HAHA OK my bad... I'm new to this camera.
    • I don't understand - is this the number of minutes showing at the top of the screen before you start a video? This implies a card problem. If not could you explain exactly what you are doing and what you are seeing.  
    • Yes, I do have a X-T30. At this moment, I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB, 64 gb card in it that works just fine for what little video I record using that camera. But I have a selection of other cards that save video files also just fine, including Transcend and Lexar. But they are all rated as being fast enough for 4k recording, the slower cards made by those same companies can only record 640 or 1080p not 4k. The rating matters.
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