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Problem xe-3 and xf 35mm/1.4 “restart camera”

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Hey. There is a problem: new (!) He-3 and xf 35mm / 1.4 - only between them: periodically (more and more often) when I try to take a picture, I press the 1/2 shutter button - the autofocusing process is in progress, but it does not end with focus , the camera freezes, stops its work, crashes abnormally and displays on the display the message "restart the camera again" Restart - the same thing. Reconnecting the entire lens - the same thing.
Sometimes, after restarting or reinstalling the lens, everything is corrected by itself and the camera-lens bundle makes absolutely healthy shots ...
With other Fuji lenses, this xe-3 camera works just fine. This lens on xt -2, xt -3 cameras works fine. I gave it to the service, the answer is absolutely serviceable. Moreover, after the service, everything suddenly worked properly, and the other day again, continuous failures and troubles.
This phenomenon was written in a branch on the fasebook on the xe-3 camera, people complained, but no one gave a sane answer ...
Help find a solution!

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I've purchased used XF 35mm F1.4 with similar symptoms you are describing. Closer inspection unveiled mechanical problem I've managed to fix - here's related article.

I'd recommend to test lens focusing while camera is positioned on different angles and also check if fully extended front module is tilting to one side more than another.



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