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Hi, I have an X100T which I love and have taken some great photos with over the three/four years that I've owned it.

(I won it, I'm not particularly camera techy and not very up on camera terminology so please reply in simpleton terms! I had to watch lots of youtube videos to learn how to work it!)

I took it to Lapland last year and managed to get some amazing Northern Lights shots with it.

I am going to South Africa on Safari soon and this camera doesn't zoom so is it going to be completely useless for taking photos of animals from some distance? Is there any way of getting a zoom lens that will fit it? I have been trying to research this and am coming up with nothing. Am I going to have to get another camera or is there a clever way round this?

Hoping someone can help me, thanks 🙂

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The x100 series does have the option to screw on conversion lenses, the tcl-x100 and wcl-x100 (tcl is tele-conversion, wcl wide conversion). However, these are not zoom and the tcl will likely not enlarge sufficiently for wildlife.

In short: if you want optical zoom, get another camera.

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