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Diogo Carvalho

Fuji XF 10-24 defocus/decentered?

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Dear fellow X shooters,

I'm a seasoned semi-pro photographer coming from Canon, I'm just starting in the Fuji X series with a brand new X-T30 and I'm loving it! For my first lens I bought a used (in apparent good condition) XF 10-24 f/4 OIS, since I also loved that focal range on my former APS-C canon system. At first glance everything was working great at close up shots with that lens, unfortunately after close inspection I started noticing some strange asymmetrical right side, defocused shots when shooting landscapes at focal lengths greater than 10mm. I tested for decentering with a lot of focal length and aperture combinations with the natestech test chart, with both handheld with OIS and on a tripod without OIS and can't in all honesty see decentering effects. A physical inspection of the lens also shows no signs of significant dust, no fungus at all, no rattling, no bent bayonet, no scratched elements, noting.

I do get slight less bluring when manual focusing (with peaking aid) the same scene, versus autofocusing (single point, non-continuous AF).

I'm at lost here. What can it be? Should I return the lens? Could the camera somehow be the culprit here? Should I lent a lens to test that hypothesis?



Best regards,


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They have some sample variations on this lens. I needed to buy 3 of them to get one non decentered sample. If you found this good sample it is one of the best and sharpest lenses in the lineup...

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One expects flawless lenses in this price range! It would probably be acceptable with third party lenses.

My lens shows refocused areas at 10mm, makes it useless to me!

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