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New Member - Issue With Video on XT2 - Nasty Artifacts/Noise?

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Hey Guys, new to the forum, been a Fujifilm shooter for 2 years.

I'm working on a video for a client and noticed when editing that I get very nasty artifacts/noise in certain areas of my video when grading. I don't know whether this is a camera issue, or grading issue. Below is a link to one of the shots in question - for comparison I have both the edited version, as well as the original (I know in this case the reds are where the problem is, but I've had the same issue in other areas in other shots).  Has anyone else encountered this issue? I'm editing in premier, and only doing basic grading with lumetri color (curves, and basic correction). 


Thanks in advance. I really love shooting on fujifilm, but I can't seem to find a solution to this issue. I hope it's a stupid thing I'm overlooking.



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Hi, Nick, - just saw your question. My guess is that the camera colour depth is low. Like 8 bit, perhaps? And you are pushing past the capability of the content. I shoot a lot of video with the XT3, and have not had any issues. If you get an opportunity to use an external recorder, it may record higher bit depth so could be worth a try. I no longer have X-T2, so can't test myself.

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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
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