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Total noob- Mcex-16 macro on x-t30 cannot get the camera to snap

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I recently picked up the x-t30 after finding the Sony X100 Mark 7 point and shoot was a bit soft.  I don’t know much about photography, but I love taking pics of flowers, family, pets, and travel.  I realized that my x-t30 refused to take macros, so I got the mcex-16 to aid in that.  I tried auto, manual, everything under the sun (I think), to try and take pics of my new African violet blooms.  But my camera simply won’t budge when I press down on the shutter button.  What am I doing wrong?  Or is the Mcex-16 broken (it did come in a banged up box)?  Also, I’m pairing it with a 18-55mm Fujinon lens, which several people were doing in the reviews for the extension.

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Thank you Olaf!  I checked to make sure it wasn’t set to face detection, but thank you for pointing it out.  I went ahead and change the focus area in several places so that I could use my finger to set it, also have the camera use 400 some multiple focus points, and other focus configs that I thought might help it.  It seemed to work, as I was able to get the shutter button to snap the photo.  It did show a “!AF” a couple of times when I was too close or it was too blurry and thus the shutter did not work.  I know everything I mentioned sounds vague, but I got really excited about your suggestion and wanted to immediately try it.  Then I started just playing around till I think I got lost, but got some pics in.  I’ll take a look at them later on the MacBook to see what I’ve got and if it looks like a bust I hope I can ask more questions.  Thanks much!

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