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Software for astrophotography that supports Fuji. Is there a "BackyardFuji"


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In the Astrophotography world most people end up using software like BackyardEOS or BackyardNikon 


and others to automate the process. For a deep space session you need may to take 300 x300sec exposures with dark frames and flats. The software manages this from a computer, and then prepares for, or in more extensive packages,  begins to, process the shots, stacking them removing noise etc.

Despite for years have a crap low noise response sensor Canon has dominated the field due its ease of use with such software.

Fuji sensors seem to have a great H1 hydrogen emission response and look great in the few manually exposed sequences that I have done.

Does anyone know of any software that allows me to automate the process with Fuji? or if you are using Fuji in your Astrophotography whats your process/software stack?

I really don't want to have to convert every raw to a tiff.....


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A few years later...  There is software that will allow enough remote control of some Fuji cameras for astrophotography.

The Indi server (https://indilib.org/) along with Kstars/Ekos allows me to run my Fuji X-T3 (and mount) remotely. I use a Raspberry Pi on the mount running the Indi server and connect to it (Ethernet or wifi) from my Mac laptop. It took a bit of sorting out (but I'm new to this field).

For processing I'm currently using Siril (free) with the RAW files for preprocessing the calibration files and stacking. (there are other full-feature astro picture processing programs out there too, but free is nice). Post processing is done using a combination of the Gimp or Affinity Photo.

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