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Am I the only one who likes the XC 16-50?

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Posted 30 April 2018 - 03:59 AM

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I also like it. I found a great deal on it, got it for just about $90 used with no hood and with a bit of dust inside. It's pretty good optically, I love the OIS and the 16mm it provides.
First shot is handheld, the second and third are on a tripod.
Station by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr


No pixel-peeping, but I don't see anything wrong with these.

I got some great pictures with this lens (first edition, not II) on my X-M1.   Haven't used it much recently but might put it back in circulation to take advantage of its size and weight.

I've seen some pretty good macro images in another forum using this lens with the MCEX-16 Extension Tube.

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