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X-Pro1 vs X-T1 DR settings with 35mm f1.4

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Good morning all,

I'm playing with my X-T1 and my X-Pro1 this morning with my 35mm f1.4 just to see what the differences are.  In reality I'm futzing with the custom settings to get the cameras to behave similar to each other (similar photos) with the same custom settings.

So I'm putting each camera on a tripod and grabbing images in my kitchen and I notice that the X-Pro has chosen DR100 where the X-T1 has chosen DR200, all other settings the same.  I've got the camera on 1/250 sec and the lens at f2.8 with the ISO set on Auto.

Touching the Q button on the X-T1 shows the DR on AUTO, where the X-Pro shows DR100, even though it's set on auto in the Custom settings menu.

Attempting to change the DR on the X-Pro1 from the menu indicates the Auto DR is not selectable (greyed out).  If I change the lens to the A setting, then Auto DR is available.

Is there a setting that I've toggled to create this behavior?


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