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Storing photos - how do people do it?

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I would be interested to hear how people store / manage their photos.  I am an amateur photographer who likes taking landscapes and travel photos.  I do not do large amounts of editing - only for the few photos that I want to print or share. 

My current process is:

1.  Upload ALL photos from memory card to my OneDrive account (1TB of storage).  This is to act as my long term 'emergency store' of photos.

2.  Upload select photos to LightRoom.  These are the photos that I edit / prepare for printing.  These also act as my repository of better quality photos.

3.  Transfer photos that I wish to share with friends and family to my MacBook, and then use the Photos function for personal storage / sharing.



Transferring to One Drive is slightly laborious, and because my MacBook only has a 256GB memory requires me to constantly juggle the files that are on my computer (e.g. to transfer 40GB of photos from memory card to OneDrive requires 40GB space on my computer as part of the 'transition' (excuse the lack of technical language).


Possible Solutions

I see that I can buy a 2TB memory drive from Amazon for £45 - £70.  Could this replace (or supplement) my OneDrive 'emergency store'?   Do people still store their photos on 'solid state', or is that old fashioned and prone to crashing /wiping?


Thank you for your thoughts



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I'm the opposite. I upload EVERY image into LR. My LR cat and ALL my images are stored on an external 8TB. Then I use Capture One Pro to sharpen and Denoise (if need be).  Then I re-synch the new images back into LR.  Sounds complicated, but it's very quick and simple actually.  I believe C1Pro does a 1000% better job with the Fuji raw files.

Once I've imported the images in, I use "Backblaze" which is on off-site cloud storage. It is unlimited.  For $50.00 US a year my entire Mac, plus my 8 TB of images, totaling about 200,000 images are safe and sound.  Plus, I can get to ANY image ANYWHERE with a web connection.

Once I've finished editing the images I wish to keep, and submit to my editors and online stock agencies (multiple ones) I then use LR to catalog my images into folders.

Hope that helps some.

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On 9/17/2019 at 11:43 AM, Rob1379 said:

Transferring to One Drive is slightly laborious, and because my MacBook only has a 256GB memory requires me to constantly juggle the files that are on my computer

Do you use "files on demand" with OneDrive? And yes, using an external disk with sufficient space will prevent juggling your files on the system drive. You have to reconfigure OneDrive though.

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