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Hi. My lovely X-E3 has a problem. Sometimes when I press the shutter (fully press it, to take a photo!) there is a significant delay before the shutter fires. A delay of around 1.5 seconds. Enough to miss the shot, should my subject happen to be on the move. I am using mostly the 18mm f/2. I have tested the lens on a borrowed X-Pro1 and it works 100% - so it's not the lens.

I think the problem happens around 25% of the time, enough to be very annoying.

Has anyone else experienced something like this before? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks.

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Does focus appear to have been achieved?  If focus is struggling to lock and you have "focus" priority set instead of "release" priority, then the camera will wait on the AF.  

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    • By itchy shutter finger
      1.   IS Shortcut
      2.   Focal Length in Information Display
      3.   Y Axis Level Indicator
      4.   Multiple Exposures >2
      For my purposes, the FujiFilm X-E3 is the most near perfect system on the market. Note that I said "near perfect". I very carefully made my body selection based on feature set and minimalism. The optimal ergonomics was icing on the cake. No other Fujifilm camera body could make me as happy as the X-E3.
      That doesn't mean I don't think it could be just a little better, and rather than feeling the need of a different camera, I am hopeful for a modestly improved firmware as noted below.
      1.   IS Shortcut - There is no option to create a shortcut to turn off Image Stabilization via Fn, T-Fn, Q Menu, or MyMenu. XC lenses have no external switch to turn off IS (such as the XF lenses do), so the user must dive into the menu for this. Users who frequently go on and off the tripod currently must make that menu dive each time. As such a user, I would be very grateful for the ability to make such a shortcut.
      2.   Focal Length in Information Display - This would be helpful to zoom lens users. This information is available in exif, so I assume it can be polled for display.
      3.   Y Axis Level Indicator - Could be useful for scientific, engineering, or documentary purposes. I've grown so fond of the X Axis indicator, I can't imagine ever being without it again.
      4.   Multiple Exposures >2 - Fujifilm have done such an amazing job of maintaining the classic features we enjoyed back in the day. As I recall, however, every camera on which I could perform multiple exposures could perform multiple-multiple-exposures. I'd have no problem holding the photographer responsible for the exposure, but a photo with five or six exposures (without software sorcery) is still something I'd like to do on the X-E3.
      And that's it. These four features gets the X-E3 as close to perfection as I can imagine on it's current hardware base. And I can make a better case for keeping the X-E3 an X-E3 than evolving to an X-E4 (hint: any further hardware feature or feature that appears on other bodies are not "minimalist", which is something that holds high value for me.)
      Thanks for any consideration, and I'm pulling for you, Fujifilm.    
    • By eric2410
      I am thinking to grab a X-E3 by this year Christmas but is it worth to buy new E3 or wait for the successor?
      Some rumours saying that E3 will not receive an update but I like its weight and size as it matching to they style I shoot (I am mainly on street photography). 
      new X-Pro 2 & 3 is way out of my budget, so it is tough for me to consider the two. 
      Please feel free to share your ideas. 
      Thank you. 
    • By DS122
      Fuji X-E3 for me is like my guitar processor - rule in few presets and then use them when needed.
      This is great concept. There are a lot of great preset recommendations around.
      I like very much photos from Tony Levin, famous bass player (David Bowie, King Crimson, etc).
      Like this one:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. More here.
      Can you help me with camera quick settings that can bring similar result? Something like "Tony Levin Settings"
      I am shooting jpeg only and do not use post processing or any other adjustments.
    • By jw432
      What is this blinking red icon on the EVF/LCD?  I cannot find it in the manual.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
    • By jw432
      Hello, I am an experienced amateur with Canon and Sony experience who has decided to give Fujifilm a try.  I've just unboxed the x-e3 with the 18-55mm lens.  I shoot mostly landscapes, travel and street scenes and enjoy digital editing with Photoshop, Affinity and other things.  I would like to experiment a bit with Macro, in the future.  Mostly I am looking to record memories and express art ideas.  My fundamental belief is that all photographs are an incomplete reflection of reality and therefore always open to any type of adjustment and manipulation in search for richer expression of an idea.
      I have to say that my first experience with x-e3 (unboxed late at night, when it's dark) has not been overly positive.  Since I really shot outdoors 99% of the time, I only shot a few indoor pics to acclimate to the controls.  I spent more time connecting the camera to wifi and bluetooth and trying to use the PC AutoSave and Remote Camera App on my Galaxy S7.  What a piece of crap the Fuji software is!  That is not a good start.  All I want from the Remote Camera App, is a remote trigger and geotagging but it seems that I also have to have wifi connectivity and I seen to have a complete misunderstanding how to get any value out of the app; so far all I've gotten from the app is frustration.  The PC autosave works a little better but after setting it up I could not change my upload directory so I had to delete my connection and re-set it up for a different disk/filesystem, UGH - While there is a 'Change Directory' option it only would let me chose folders under my desktop, which I did not want.  If these two software products are a reflection of Fuji's commitment to a quality photography experience then I may have to return the camera ... but I am getting ahead of myself -
      Naturally I bought the camera after much reviewing, with high expectations.  Now that the sun is rising I am heading out to get some photos.  If I have a good experience with that, then I can overlook the software crap because I really didn't buy the camera for the app or PC AutoSave.  I bought it as a photo tool and as I ramble here, I see that there is now enough light to head out and do the real test!  Hopefully that can smooth out the rough parts of my first experience.
      One final note, I find the manual and controls a bit overwhelming.  My preferred shooting is manual aperture, but I will shoot some full auto, manual aperture and AE bracketing initially as that is how I usually shoot.  But it seems like some of the options have multiple ways of getting there, that could be good or just clutter - for example do I really need or want an exposure dial AND the ability to set exposure bracketing?  Perhaps, time will tell, but if I think I have to adjust for exposure, why not just shoot a bracket instead to increase the chance of really getting it right?  Long term I think I will like the flexibility to quickly chose one over the other but my first impression is 'complexity'
      I would be interested in hearing success stories from others, specifically around things like, 'best custom settings', 'useful quick function assignments' and of course, getting value out of the software.
      Follow up after first day of shooting:
      First let me say that I got the camera wifi upload working just fine.  I had to uninstall and start over, but no big deal.  But more importantly, the x-e3 is an awesome camera and I could not be happier with it.  It's simple to use and manage, I can quickly find and use all of the different shot modes that I prefer.  The unit itself is light weight, fast and responds like a point and shoot with all the manual control that I prefer.  I am very happy with this camera!
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