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Ronnie H

Viewfinder set-up problem

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Hello. I am having trouble with setting the viewfinder display on my X-Pro 2. Acccording to the manual pp.32/33 the display of indicators is controlled by the DISP/BACK button, but I find this works only with the LCD monitor and not with either the optical or the electronic viewfinder which will  display only ALL the indicators, regardless of the selection I have made in accordance with the instructions and the very clear menu settings on the camera itself. I am unable to bring up a viewfinder display showing only those indicators I have selected in the menus or with all information  switched off. So I have a very cluttered viewfinder screen which is an annoyance. (I appreciate that the DISP/BACK button is to be pressed when the relevant viewfinder is actually in use.)

I am sure there must be a simple answer to this, but having switched from a Leica M I find aspects of this camera confusing and frustrating. Help please!





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