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Recommend me the Best Product Photography Camera.


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Hello Photography Folks, 

I'm looking for recommendation for the best fuji camera for the product photography purpose. I'm running an online store and product photography is one of the ionic part of my business. Currently, I'm using Canon EOS REBEL T7i with a default 24.2 MP APS-C lens, It's not what I expect as per my competitor work. I've decided to buy fuji camera for this purpose, From the last couple of days, I'm searching on that topic and studies a lot from the top photography sites. Kindly recommend me few top camera for product photography purpose.



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I've been admiring DW Images work since long and wondered if I could replicate their technique so, I approached them and asked if for their recommendations on camera for product photography. They recommended these cameras Sony A6100 Fujifilm X-S10. I've decided to go with Fujifilm.

what's your thought?

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Hi Luis, can you explain why the Rebel T7i doesn't work for you? What improvements would you like to see from your Fujifilm camera? Also, do you have equipment you'd like to keep using (flashes, tripods...)? What type of products are you shooting? This may determine the shooting distance and the best lens for the purpose.

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