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C1 Express - local adjustments: what software / workflow

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Hi All, 
I recently entered the Fuji world and I'm trying to find my way to develop raw files.
I used Dxo Photolabs and the Google Nik Collections to develop raw files, but since DXO does not support RAF files, I have to find an alternative.
I am now trying the following software:

With darktable I can manage local adjustments through masks, parametric masks etc etc, but Capture 1 Express can't do the same.
Question for C1 Express users: What tools do you use to manage local adjustments? What is your workflow?
Thanks and sorry for my English! :)

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Hi Ale S,

The bad news is there are no local adjustment tools available in Capture One Express. You need to buy the full version, either just for Fuji cameras or the full version if you use different makes of camera.

Darktable seemed to me a steep learning curve to judge from the presentation video.

Sorry not really much help.



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