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I need help, my XE2 automatically shuts down whenever I am trying to do a wireless transfer via application. The connection lasts for 30sec. or so and transfers 1 - 3 Image and then shuts down.

*Its not the battery since it only shuts down whenever I do a wireless transfer?


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Rebooting the device and the camera (remove the battery and put it in again after some seconds) might help. If it doesn’t, do you have another device to test the transfer? 

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Will try another device for this, I'm not sure if the problem is with my mobile or with the camera.. I learned that the camera is not shutting down but is going on standby.... And sometimes the connection disconnects on the mobile or it crashes. :) Thank you

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    • By joust1154
      Hi, so I shoot mostly using the LCD, from the hip, and I encountered a program today with my XT1's. Somewhat similar to an old post: https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/1948-x-t1-lcd-fails-when-articulated/
      But my situation is a little different. When my LCD is completely flush, in the normal position against the body, it will be totally blacked out/looking like it's off. I've cycled the 'viewmode' and nothing has helped. I did a factory reset and updated the firmware. But I believe I have a body-to-LCD ribbon short.
      If I pull the LCD away it will work, but only in a limited range. From angled slightly upwards to completely flat facing upwards to the sky. If it's totally parallel with the body to facing downs toward the ground, the LCD will black out/turn off. I can still take photos when it's like this though. 
      I'm pretty sure it's a short in the ribbon — if I push the ribbon around very gently, the screen will go on and off. But anyway, I would like to put this problem out there and see if anyone has encountered it before. The camera has seen a lot of use in the last 3 years, but no drops/damage. Luckily the EVF works normally and used XT1s are pretty cheap now. 
      Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!
    • By Alpes
      Hello everybody.
      I am new here. I switched to Fuji from Panasonic and Blackmagic.
      Quite happy, but I have a big issue with the XF 10-24.
      Please see the attached video, the issue starts at 3".
      Any idea?
    • By BeoNerd
      I have  recently bought X100F and use card reader only the first time. Now i tried the usb cable that was shipped with the camera. It charged the camera but it didn't connect.
      Because i have had this issues before with other things, i can give my solution.
      1. It is rarely a driver issue, don't go there first!
      2. Use a good thick cable with a RF-filter on. It wasn't on the cable i got but it is a cable with a visible outgrowth, usually on one side only.
      3. Don't use a USB3. Use USB2.0 (the one without the blue inside)
      4. Don't connect to monitor or a hub. Connect directly to MAC/PC/Laptop
      5. Connect to camera first, then to PC and last turn on the camera. And reverse this order when the camera is going to be de-attached.
      I hope it helps!
    • By teddymon
      Hi guys,
      I've got problem with my Xt1, normally when I turn on my cam and start photo, the first few images were good and no issue. However, when a certain period of usage, I noticed very fine horizontal lines on the screen. It is not just on the screen or evf. It was visible as well in the output photos. Hope do you have any idea what's happening with my Xt1. Please see the attached sample image. Any advise for resolution. Thank you.

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    • By yukosteel
      CV 40mm f1.4 is one of my favorite adapted lens on Fuji-X bodies. It's small, fun to use and make interesting shots.

      Yesterday I've received "MINT" sample from eBay US seller claiming the lens is used only once.
      The lens has tons of hidden issues, and I'd like to expose them so you'll not buy (or just return) similar lens.

      Please feel free to ask questions or add suggestions. My case with that seller is not over yet, he still insists the lens is perfect and I'm wrong : )

      Ok, so discovered issues list:

      1. Checking the focus ring. It should rotate smooth on all Voigtlanders. I was surprised there are no grease and ring rotates sometimes stiff sometimes very loose.

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      2. It looked suspicious, so I inspected rear side. There are shiny black painted areas on disassembly threads.
      Make sure you inspect it on your Voigtlander/Zeiss/Leica, etc. lens

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      3. Typical inspection with strong flash light under different angles unveils more details.
      You can see a lot of dust.  

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.

      4. And now we came to the most scary part : ) I found someone's fingerprint under the glass.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.

      After noticing that I also checked the box - styrofoam inserts was from another lens. No manual. Plastic bag is "100y old". Also white paint on lens became yellowish  - one more indicator of the lens age.

      Optically lens works excellent, but all that issues make overall experience very bad.
      Hope this short review helps someone purchasing better options.
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