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Flash trigger on x-t2


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Hi all! I bought a neewer universal hot shoe trigger, it fires the flash in test mode, but it doesn't work with the camera. (With canon is fine). Returned on Amazon... Just bought a JJC one and it's the same.

Is my camera faulty? Is fuji incompatible with hot shoe standards? 😭

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Why don't you try going into a real camera store, and try the actual Fujifilm flash on your Fujifilm camera? If it works, then you know the problem isn't the camera.

So far as compatibility is concerned, it was around 1976 (the era of the Canon AE1) that simple hot shoes (negative contact through the sides, positive contact through the single point in the middle of the shoe) became a thing of the past. Meanwhile, your X-T2 has five (5!) additional contacts in the shoe; I'm guessing that some of them actually have a purpose.

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Thank you for your reply.
I still have a Nissin 866 for Canon, that on the used market has the value of a coffee. I no more shoot on live events, and don't really use the flash anymore...despite this i think a 60 guide number with 2 lamps flash is worth a 15€ manual trigger on amazon, for maybe...some still shots at home?
The small useless flash bundled with the camera works fine, so if you have some useful advice or if you are aware of any known problem i'm listening.

It's sad that the first answer I receive from the first post of this forum is full of irony and poor in content, waiting for better answers I will continue to investigate the problem. Anyway thank you for your time!

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My Yongnuo triggers work on my X-T10, so you should be able to make it work.

Can you tell us what your flash settings are in your camera? The X-T2 has a far more extensive flash set-up than my simple X-T10 does. As a "check that it's plugged in" example, do you have "Flash Control Mode" set to M?

You might want to review this page:

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