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Anton C.

Very Hot Day @ Hudson, NY

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    • By Guzzi Jim
      Hi fellow Fuji users.
      Have any of you been to Thailand? I'm going late October and trying to decide on what camera and lenses to take.
      I have an X-pro2 and X100T, my lens choice is
      18mm f2
      23mm f2
      27mm pancake f2.8
      35mm f2
      35mm f1.4
      56mm f1.2
      18-55 zoom
      WLC for X100
      I also love using old nice glass
      takumar 55 f1.7
      Ziess 135mm f3.5
      Nikkor 105mm f2.5
      Having never been to Thailand before I dont know the light and a bit concerned about too much light for wide apature's. Part of me says take the X100T with a polarising filter and be done with it. Less to worry about, get stolen/lost. The wildlife looks great though so a longer reach would be good
      Please help.
      Many thanks
    • By hoenemor
      I'm going to be a fuji-shooter! and now I need some input on which lenses to choose. Currently I have a canon 7d (crop sensor), 24-70mm f4L IS, 35mm f2 IS, 40mm STM and Sigma 50mm f1.4 (to give you some background). My 24-70mm was acquired for my outdoor trips where I found changing primes cumbersome. Otherwise I prefer shooting with primes. I choose my lenses based on a combination of optical quality, weight and size. This is the reason for my rather strange compilation of lenses. I have for some time wanted something wider than 24mm (I was planning on upgrading to 6d mk ii). 
      I have ordered XT2, 18-55mm and 50mm f2. On the long end I'll wait for the announced 80mm f2.8 macro, so mostly I'm interested in tips and advice on the wide end. I struggled with the decision between 35mm and 50mm, and looking through my LR library I saw I had shot approx the same amount of pics with both lenses (when limited to the time period I have owned both). When looking at the focal lengths I have used with my 24-70mm I had taken marginally more photos in the 50mm ± 2-3 mm. 
      I have budgeted some more money on lenses and here is my question. With this kit, what would you recommend? I can either go for: 
      1. 16mm f1.4 
      2. Samyang 12mm f2 and 23mmf2 or 35mmf2 (where 35mmf2 being the most likely, however 23mmf2 would be a better option as it covers more focal lengths...)
      I want something on the wide end, but not sure on which combo to buy... So any comment, recommendation or personal view would be very much appreciated. 
      Best regards, 
    • By mynameismo

      Has anyone experienced issues with the 35mm f1.4 on hot days ?
      For the third time, my lens went crazy, and got stuck in an autofocus loop.
      Sometimes when the lens can't find lock focus, my X-T1 throws a message saying "Please turn off and on your camera".
      When I turn off and on again, this lens starts immediately to focus to max distance, then focus to minimum distance and the error pops again. Sometimes I even ear grinding gears sounds ... which is scary !
      It only appears on hots days. When I leave the lens alone for 1/2 an hour, it starts working again.
      Fuji wants me to send the lens AND the camera, but I also have the 10-24 and the 50-140, and never experienced any of this.
    • By Ketaha
      Hi there - just picked up a used XE2 and am looking at both of these lenses.  From what I've read, the f2 has significantly better autofocus capability.  Also read that firmware updates had much improved the f1.4.  Is the difference still significant after the firmware update?  Used 1.4's seem to be going for less money.  Thanks!
    • By petergabriel
      I just bought the 35mm f1.4 used, and despite the noisy AF I just love the lens. Actually I find the AF quite decent on my x-pro 1. 
      So, now I have the option of buying a used 23mm f1.4 to about half the price, and would really like to have it, but I wonder if the focal lengths are to close.
      Would it be better to go for something wider or are there enough difference between the two to warrant a purchase?
      As of now I have the 18-55 and the 35 f1.4 in my arsenal. The zoom only being used for snapshots. I like the rendering of primes better even though the 18-55 actually is quite good.
      Look forward to your opinions/advice :-)
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    • seems to be a copy of the K&F one, which doesn't have contacts (i.e.: isn't smart).  That means you must use lenses with manual aperture.  If I'm incorrect, can you post a photo of yours, so that we may determine which [more major brand] it is a copy of? https://www.amazon.com/Concept-Pentax-Fujifilm-Camera-Adapter/dp/B00L7EHMMM
    • I wouldn’t expect too much from my photos, I’m very amateur and I’m lucky if they’re in focus 😂  I love my XT30 and got it with the 18-55mm lens. I’m happy with it so far and for a ‘kit lens’ it seems really well made and good quality. I’m thinking of a 35mm prime next and perhaps a wide angle after that. 
    • Welcome. I'm looking forward to you photos from Scotland. I'm likewise thinking of the x-t30 myself. What lens?
    • Hi 🙂 I had a Canon 100D which was my first camera and I recently got an XT30. I feel I use it a lot more than my Canon and really like it so far.    Im still in a bit of a dilemma about which software to use. I’m used to using Lightroom and find it’s better value for money than Capture One as it has mobile apps and offers Photoshop etc. too.  Ive got the free version of Capture One but have only used it a couple of times. I think I prefer the interface of Lightroom. 
    • Yes,sounds like you are in Manual Focus and seeing the detail of the AF zone.  
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