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X100F: focus shift issue still here with latest firmware (2.11) ??

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Hello everyone, 

First post on this forum so let me introduce myself : Nicolas, fuji x100 user when this camera was released, sold it and regret it, fuji x100f user for a month.

I would like to report an odd behavior which is supposed to be fixed in the latest firmware as per Fuji detailed report here https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x100f/history.html

0/ my fuji X100F is running the latest firmware (2.11)

1/ In manual focus mode:

2/ Whether:

  • I use the AEL/AFL button to acquire focus
  • Or use the front ring to manually focus

(the area in focus is highlighted with the focus peak option so I know precisely what is in focus)

3/ AND focusing at short distance (less than 50 cm)

4/ AND using any aperture smaller than f/2.0 (the smallest the aperture, the biggest lens moves: see point 5/ below)

5/ When I press the shutter button, the lens slightly moves (obvious move) before the picture is acquired, thus ruining what is in focus.

I have repeated the same process in AF/S and everything works fine.

Anyone experienced this behavior?

Do you know if the fuji website has a link to submit incident request?

Thanks for reading !


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