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    • Moved to the right section. Welcome to our forum!
    • It is easy to think a certain camera, like X-T4, has lot of problems when reading a forum like this on the X-T4. I'm sure there are many happy X-T4 owners out there but it is a fact that it is several people now including me that has real strange problems with this camera. Maybe it is related to later production units since mine is brand new? It is not uncommon when a product is very popular (and I believe this X-T4 is) that as demand rise the quality may go down. I do not say that is a fact i
    • I disagree that it wouldn't be significant.  I think the flange distance is the distance that the extension tube modifies, not the focal length.
    • @mawz, why would the FD lenses not be versatile?  I've seen them [and the older FL] adapted all the time.  I do understand the impulse to go with a mount that makes focus and possibly aperture easier (EF), however... but that may be contrary to @thl70's original desire to experiment with vintage manual lenses. - Honestly Curious
    • Just noticed I posted this to wrong forum, should have been for the X-T3 forum. I apologize for the mistake. I bought X-T3 for filmmaking. I adore the visual quality, the 10 bit codec and Fuji optics but there are real problems for me with the implementation with the focus functions in ‘Movie Mode’ as detailed below. I need a compact camera for verité style documentary shooting and need to be able to switch between getting an quick “instantaneous” focus and manual focus operation to finesse
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