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XF200 or GF250?


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I take a lot of wildlife shots around the world - Africa, Latin America - most recently polar bears in the Arctic. For birds I mostly use the XF100-400, anything bigger I use the XF50-140 - sometimes with the teleconverters. All with XT3s. This has been mostly successful, but the XT3 suffers from lack of ability to crop when printing large for clients. I sometimes wish for more pixels or a bigger sensor, I also hope Fuji will one day release an XF500...

I was going to get the XF200 for its superiour light gathering capability and sharpness. I was also considering getting a Nikon Z7, but I hate the idea of using an adapter for F mount lenses and there are no Z lenses in my range (300mm+).

Then, on my last Arctic trip a Chinese photographer was with us who had a GF250...and he showed me some of his shots...

So, I am thinking that a GFX camera and the GF250 with the 1.4xTC could be a solution. Obviously I can keep the XT3s and XF100-400 for birds and other small objects. But the resolution and ability to crop due to sensor size makes the GF package very attractive - especially considering that the price of an XF200 is close to a GFX50R and the GF250. Plus the GF250 is much lighter than the XF200 (a big concern in my line of work).

I would love to hear impressions on using the GFX50r and GF250 for wildlife from the community, before making the purchase.


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