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X Acquire on X-T20

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Does Windows 10 X Acquire work on X-T20 (ver. 2.01)? I've been trying to get it work but it just won't recognize my USB connected camera. I've googled and seems like it does not work but on Fujifilm's download page it says the software is applicable to X-T20 ver 2.00 or later. What's the deal?

Applicable cameras
"FUJIFILM X Acquire" is compatible with cameras below. If your camera is old version of firmware upgrade it.

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Hello thanks for the prompt reply, 

Might this question be escalated to the tech team?

ancientmariner and myself cannot make the software work with our X-T20. 

I personally tried on three instances of Win10 and i have the latest firmware version on my camera, still unable to use xAcquire. 

Also tried with different (all working) cables. I even bought a new one since i needed one more.

Kind Regards,

Try to stay safe and be positive.


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Acquire on the X-T20 is limited to back/restore of camera settings.

In settings> Connection settings> PC connection mode > Is either USB Card reader or USB RAW convertor/Backup Restore.

If set to USB Card reader it will read your mem card from your PC. (Make sure you are using a full USB cable as some have limit the connectors).

If set to USB RAW convertor/Backup Restore you can use the acquire software to backup or restore. Also the RAW convertor software works on this setting. I use Capture One Express.

There is no tethering on X-T20 or webcam.  (suggest cheap HDMI capture card £6.99 +£1.99 postage. Works brilliantly  see Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daS5RHVAl2U.)

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@maplineThanks for the answer, 

I think i'm gonna opt for a wifi card instead, as it suits more my needs, (reducing transfer times and  timelapse real-time rendering).

The hdmi thing would be ok if i wanted to capture video material, but i mainly do long exp/timelapses



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