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Repair X-T2 or New X-t3

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The X-T2 was a big jump from the X-T1 so I did it.  But the X-T3 not so much.  The main circuit board failed in the T2, and Fujifilm wants $450 to repair it.  Looking through eBay used T2's sell on average for about $650 -- plus the high fees.  The T3 is going for $1,400 (wasn't it just $1,300?).  For the few times in my life I would buy the addition three year extended warranty for $58 if I got a T3.


The question is obvious:  paid the $450 for repair, and wait for the T4, or just buy the T3 now and try to sell the T2 for parts.  Everybody says it's my decision; of course.  But I love to have a discussion with an experienced photographer and then I can make the best decision.


By the way if I have it repair they will not return the old board -- my property!?

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Just two remarks from me:

1. I don't think you will get much, if anything, for a broken T2

2. You need to give some information about your shooging style.

Would you benefit from the improved AF-C of the the T3? Are you really an action photographer?

Would you benefit from the IBIS that the T4 will likely have? Are you using lenses that do not have OIS and do you do a lot of available light photography? Then may be a used H1 would be an alternative?

Would you benefit from the global shutter that the T4 will possibly have? This will allow noiseless electronic shutter (ES) for moving objects, may be classical concerts or wedding ceremonies. Also higher frame rates will be possible. So if the 11 fps of the T2 with mechanical shutter are not enough and if you can't use the ES of the T2 because of the rolling shutter effect then pay the repair and wait for the T4. Same if you are a videographer. The T4 will likely bring big improvements on tne video side.




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