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X100F: New or Used?

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The last new camera I bought for myself was an Olympus E-M10 back in 2014 and every other camera to follow came form forum sellers.

I want to buy a X100F, but not sure if I should buy used or pickup a new one.

That brown one is catching my eye, but have not seen one for sale used.  Which ever one I do get it will be a silver one...

Would like to here your thoughts on this matter..


Thanks for looking..


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The brown model seems to be hard to come by. I’ve seen it in stock a few times at keh.com. They regularly have the silver model in stock in a variety of quality levels. I would be worried about purchasing from an unknown eBay or similar vendor. Also, I feel like brown models will command a higher price for being rare.

Other sites like mpb.com have less Fuji gear but I’ve seen it cycle.

Personally, I like the silver models the best. Graphite is a close tie but it’s just not the same. The silver always reminds me of the cameras of the past. And they get attention when I’m striking up a conversation for an unplanned portrait, at least I find.

New v. used... well, right now with new being only USD$1199 (through end of month I think) I’d have to save at least USD$250 to make it worth going used unless it was a very reputable source. I also feel it depends on how much your going to use the camera and plans for reselling. New might offer a better service life or resale value.

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I've bought all my Fuji and Leica gear used over the years at great savings with absolutely no regrets.

You should be able to get a lightly used X100F for $8-900 without much trouble.

For example, I picked up a black one with 800 shutter count and a TCL-X100II lens for $1000 last year.

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IF the difference is only $200, I’d go with new. But if you look, there are gently used ones available at good prices. I bought a Mint 100F almost unused with box, on eBay for $750. 
Before I spend this much on eBay, I first talk via PM to the seller to see if I get a good feeling. 

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